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welcome to kid on vacation

Who likes vacations? We do. You do. We all do.
No matter how old you are we’re all “Kids” when it comes to vacations.

Kid on Vacation is hosted by Connor and The Dad from the Gorman Getaway Series. This website is a social network to allow the voice of children and adults to talk and share great moments of past vacations and to plan for future vacations. Connor will be traveling to destinations and giving his tips on where to go and what to do when you get there. Join us on facebook and share your stories.

Thanks for viewing. Let’s get packed and take off. Connor and The Dad.

A helpful travel Kid Tip from The Kid

As Connor pointed out that you can be in the cleanest hotel and there still can be germs. By bringing Ziploc bags on your family vacation you can wrap the TV remote control to make it germ free. Check in on Kid On Vacation frequently to see more travel Kid Tips from Connor as he will be releasing more videos so you can get the most out of your vacation. You never know what The Kid will be doing next. We will be posting the Kip Tips in our Blog section. Safe travels, Connor and The Dad

How do you pick where to vacation?

How does a family pick where to go on vacation? And how do they know everyone will like it when they get there? Considering that the average family takes one vacation a year your destination is an important decision and one that needs to be well planned out. Also let’s not forget the most important decision makers...the kids! That’s right mom and dad, the kids. As Connor mentioned in the video “That’s why we started Kid On Vacation”. We’re here to help you plan your next vacation but we can not do it alone. We would like everyone to share their great places that they have visited. Share your tips, photos and videos. Share your story.